The etheric body is the energy growth template for the physical body. Energy changes occur in the etheric body first, before manifesting at the physical cellular level. Subtle body energies (etheric) are taken up by the chakras and converted into endocrine signals (hormonal) so that the entire body is affected. The chakras send energy to the similar body organs. The chakra, gland, and organs they feed are all aligned because they all resonate at the same frequency. For example, throat (organ) , thyroid (gland), 5th chakra. The chakras will be described, starting with the head and moving down through the body.

SEVENTH CHAKRAThis chakra houses the cerebral cortex , the pineal gland, (MASTER GLAND) and psychic perception. The ability to explore deep inner searching of a spiritual quest. The meaning of life and higher states of consciousness sit in this opened chakra. The closed state of this chakra is seen in psychosis, where the mind is split off from the higher or spiritual self.

SIXTH CHAKRAThe medulla oblongata, the eyes, ears, and nose and sinuses are enveloped by this chakra, as well as both the pituitary and pineal glands. Clairvoyance and intuition are governed here. These abilities are developed through meditation and introspection.

FIFTH CHAKRAThis is the level of the mouth, vocal chords, trachea, parasympathetic nervous system and the tenth cranial nerve (vagus), thyroid and parathyroid glands. General and calcium metabolism. Skeletal activity, free will and the creation of word and song are made possible here. Clairaudience ,which is the ability to hear intuitively, is found through this chakra also.