AGRIMONY This remedy belongs to the group of remedies called OVERSENSITIVE TO IDEAS AND INFLUENCES, along with HOLLY, CENTAURY, and WALNUT. There is the ability in this person to conceal feelings and put on a brave face, this involves conscious suppression of feelings, but inwardly there is held many anxieties and fears. This may force throwing oneself into many activities in order to avoid feelings and possibly hidden vices. There is a compulsion not to let others down and never to bother others with one's problems. There is an affect of restlessness and nervousness. Resentment that builds up inside with no release valve can be seen in a tendency to passive-aggressive type behavior also dissatisfaction, grief and dissapointment. Craving for stimulants such as drugs and alcohol and diversions of all sorts to assuage boredom is common to this state. The inability to look inside leaves the person with unresolved conflicts or trauma that appears as if passive or bored.

ASPEN This remedy belongs to the group of THOSE WHO HAVE FEAR. It houses illogical fears and unconscious fear with a potential for fearlessness. There are issues of trust and a potential for “psychic rape”. The panic attacks in this state may include trembling and sweating (quaking like a leaf). It can be used successfully for women who have been raped and children who have been abused. The mind is too easily impressed and the pathological symptoms may include, OCD, SLEEP DISORDERS AND INSOMNIA. Other remedies in this group are MIMULUS, ROCK ROSE, CHERRY PLUM, and RED CHESTNUT.